Doors open at 7:00am to excited and eager dogs. They are met by our friendly staff who are ready to give morning massages to the early arrivals. (We should all be so lucky.) Once all the dogs arrive, the games begin. It's quite a spectacle.

We have two distinct areas for play. High-energy dogs meet in the large play area, where we toss the ball, tug rope and chase. For less rambunctious dogs, we head to a smaller play area where wrestling, chewing and milder games of chase are the order of the day.

What about dogs that just want to chill and catch some ZZZs? We have a lounge for that! In fact, intermittent rest and cuddle times are encouraged between play sessions. Naturally, there is always plenty of water and dogs always have access to our potty park.

At the end of the day, the dogs are treated to a final massage and light brushing (nail trimming and ear cleaning if required) and a fragrant spritz just before heading home to relax with their parents.